Plan The Most Happening Movie Night

Tuesday, 21 February 2017  |  Admin

Movie night is the only time when you can enjoy with your friends without spending a lot on anything. Invite as many friends as you wish for making it the bash of the year and have fun like anything. It is very easy for one to plan the movie night, however, if you are thinking about making it the most happening movie night these tips will surely interest you:

  • Make it 3D: Why watch movies the regular way when you can rent out 3D movies and projector. Just buy 3D glasses and you are sorted for a roller coaster of fun. 3D technology mixed with your favorite movie and people is just the best movie night ever. Paper 3D glasses are damaged very quickly but the sturdy ones can last for long. You can also give these 3D glasses as party favors to your friends. But do remember to ask them for bringing it along the next time!

  • Movie Night Photo Booth: Photo booths are really fun and what makes it much better is theme based photo booths. You can rent or shop party accessories in UK for a theme based photo booth. If renting a photo booth is a little out of budget for you, how about asking that one friend who is great with cameras to do all the clicking.

  • Keep Popcorn Coming: You can ask all your friends to bring microwave popcorn along while keeping the stock ready for the party. This way, it will never run out. You can also keep other snacks as well but a movie without popcorn is just not going to work out.

  • Keep It Cozy: Instead of placing couches and chairs everywhere, try to keep it cozy for the movie night. No one likes to sit and watch the movie so you can spread around rugs and cushions for keeping all the guests comfortable.

With smart shopping of party accessories suitable for the party night, you can make this movie night a success!

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